Riel Technology Solutions (RTS) helps clients select, install, upgrade and optimize the software and hardware systems that run their business operations. We focus on supply chain, financial, human resources, and customer service systems for clients in Manufacturing, Consumer & Retail, Healthcare and Financial Services industries.

Our range of services include IT strategy and assessment, project planning, software selection, reengineering, implementation, upgrades, training, remote backup and application hosting.

Have a tape backup and don't want to backup remotely?

For a small fee, we will come to your site on a monthly basis and check your existing tape backup.


We will monitor the tape log and give you a report of when you did or did not get a backup. We will also do a test restore to verify the validity and quality of the tape and tape system allowing you be be certain that it is fully functional.

As part of our RemoteBackup service, Riel Technology Solutions, Inc. (RTS) will go to the client's office with our laptop computer and copy all predetermined software deemed essential by the client. RTS will give the client one copy and keep one copy of the backup at our fireproof facility. These will be used to restore in the event of failure.